IT Seminar Report on Network Attached Storage

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Network Attached Storage:

Now days Information Technology is looking for storage solutions that are cost effective with good performance and reliability. The need for high storage is increasing day to day because of increase in number of users and even the data. In this paper we discuss about NAS (Network Attached Storage) for data storage. Network storage means storing data using a particular method by which data can be viewed by clients on the network. Network storage in general describes about network based data storage with many technologies within for storage. 

Direct attached storage technology was used for storage. It is a storage device that is directly attached to a host system. The example for DAS is the internal hard drive of a server computer; still DAS is being a common method of data storage. 

The benefit of NAS over the older Direct Attached Storage (DAS) technology is here both servers and storage are separated which reduces the cost and implementation can be easy. NAS is attached directly to the LAN, which provides direct access to the file system and disk storage. In NAS the application layer resides on client rather than on NAS platform.

  Apart from this the architecture described gives the ability for NAS to service both clients of Network file system and Common Internet File system. 

  The important advantages of NAS includes expand-ability i.e. in case of more data storage. Space, we can even add other NAS device and expand the storage availability and helps to overcome from fault tolerance to network. 

  A SAN is a network of all storage devices that are connected to each other or connected to .A server or even connected to cluster of servers or even network in cases, which act as Access point to SAN and to connect to devices it uses the special switches. 

  In case of processing on file services and storage, NAS can serve business from software. Design to Cad. NAS can work in tandem with SAN environment where NAS handles.  Serving of network files whereas SAN handles back-end storage tasks.

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