IRIS recognition Technology CSE Seminar Report

Introduction to IRIS recognition Technology Seminar Topic:

IRIS recognition technology is the new generation technology where all things happen only with the single touch or the sensor of the device. This system is called as the Biometric system which is the device of automatically recognizing the person or people with their characteristic behavior and also the physiological behavior too. So it’s natural this device uses the computer to recognize the person identity. The system works like this the input day is entered, extraction of feature is done, data is completely verified then the data is checked in the database and then the output result is obtained to the result.

There are various types of biometric system firstly the Bertillonage where this was the first type of the biometric which was launched in the early year 1890. This system found a research that adult bone does not undergo change after the age of 20.

Then came the finger print recognition here the finger prints of the person for the security purpose system. This system can mostly be used in the ATM devices. Then the Face recognition , Voice recognition , Iris recognition , Hand geometry and many other techniques that biometric can clearly work on.

The system called Biometric is greatly and widely spreading device with much more chances of getting success. It has become a very large department of the science and technology which is be of great use in the coming future. The biometric system must be designed in such a way that the system while execution time must not create any problem or any critical issues which later leads to crime. This system as it’s a mobile device can be taken from one place to another too. A good biometric system is available in the market s with low cost, satisfactory obtaining results and also keeping the device itself in a secured and prevented state.

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