Iris Recognition a BioMetrics Seminar Topic

Introduction to Iris Recognition a BioMetrics Seminar Topic:

Iris recognition as the name is it is the area or the surface between the dark round pupil of the eye and the while surface area of the human eye. It has strong text detailed information that is supported by the Iris recognition system. In this Iris system the state of the error or the condition of the error are very less means here the chances of generating error is very less. This system is permanent biometric system and the user input data are always acceptable here. This is also the real time biometric system.

In this system while execution a horizontal edge of the human eye is used on the processing image. A linear ray is used to transfer the line from the lower eye lid to the upper eye lid. Now the line is drawn which is completely horizontal and an edge is seen completely very closer and near to the human eye or the edge of the eye.

The features of the Iris system are the system has the Gabor filter and it also has the Log Gabor filter, Gaussian filter and its features, features of transferring the wave length, a standard Mexican hat filter. Here the Gabor filter is generated by developing the module by comparing with the Gaussian. It is best application for the less space acquirement and more frequency. Gaussian has a standard algorithm is its sub type that application is called as the Log Gabor filter. This feature has the incremented sage of the frequency and always starts from the zero DC volts.

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