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Introduction to IP Telephony Seminar Topic

It means voice and fax calls are transmitted using IP network just like internet instead of PSTN. Development of IP network lead the telecommunication network to use telephones more for data transfer or ordinary calls. All public networks are switching from circuit networks to packet network, which effect the data communication network related to IP. Audio are converted at i/p device then they are copied in memory of frame length then these inputs are converted to output using D/A samples.

IP Telephony vs. PSTN; the main difference between them is their switching technique.  IP in dynamic routing as it uses internet where PSTN is static. PSTN have fixed bandwidth. When we make a call we listen a dialer tone and we dial the number call is forward to nearest IP telephony.

Advantages: low cost, more efficient, it has also free internet calls and single line can be used for making call and for browsing web also.

Security: as it is an open network where everyone can send and receive information. It should proper authentication so that people belonging to that network can only access the network. Data send or received remain unchanged; it should have some privacy of data.

Applications and Vendors: JCK is an audio card developer that design card that is used to carry voice over internet or intranet in existing sound card in PCs.  Nokia also provide IP telephony to its clients over different services like Ethernet phone, serial telephony adapter, my. Way client application

As this technology is growing very fast so some changes need to be applied to meet the today requirements like design, price, multiple functions, platform independent and mobility.

Conclusion: it can be widely used network commination in future. Radio technology is also IP telephony.

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