Inventory Study Civil Engineering Project

Introduction to Inventory Study Civil Engineering Project:

The general characteristics in cities are somewhat the same . Inventory of roads are hardly done in these cities . most road way sections have two lanes ; one lane per direction . pavement conditions are fair to poor except at location where streets have been recently resurfaced .

The road inventory study is an important task that each jurisdiction should do to identify their assets . these studies include road way classification and road way elements .   

Project Objective

This Inventory Study Civil Engineering Project aims to study a selected region in A– B city and collect data and no of vehicle and determine peak hour .  


Location : mean street  

We divide the work for two groups one for each flow direction and count the number of the vehicle . 


Traffic volume studies for intersection was conducted to estimate the number of vehicle that crossing the Anabta main street  .

This intersection is two main flow direction with 4 lanes and two sub way

The maximum allowable speed in this street is less than 50 km/hr . 

Peak hour : 7-8 expected

Peak hour volume : 600 expected

PHF = 600/ 4(200) = 0.75

%  of truck  = 30/600 = 0.05 

Sources of Errors

  1. Because the intersection near the police station  the number of cars may be Oscillate from hour to hour because if we have barrier this affect on flow rate of vehicles .
  2. The place where we stand on is not good to see all cars that are crossing the intersection so some cars are not conclude in the study
  3. Some drivers are not abide by traffic signals .
  4. The time we choose may be not good to count the result is not sufficient . 


  1. Its recommended to maintenance the road because its not good and to maintain the lights at night
  2. its recommended to prevent heavy trucks and buses to enter the  main anabta street or to find another roads for it
  3. its recommended to expand the street . 

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