Introduction to E-Learning

E-learning is widely used technology these days and the actual concept of E-learning is given in this section. E-learning can be defined as the way of learning different aspects and activities using the computers and the corresponding network connecting these computers. As per the opinion of one of the researcher, e-learning can be defined as the process of gaining the knowledge and delivering the knowledge through online methodologies and also sharing the knowledge to a remote person through online.

E-learning can be considered as the self collaborated way of learning and has tight collaboration with the teacher and the student and they can interact with each other through websites and the typical chatting functionality.

There are much technical advancement towards E-learning and has taken many forms and there are different service providers towards offering the highly integrated e-learning environment and the key among them is Moodle.

Moodle can be considered as the best e-learning environment where it offers many templates and tools to customize the e-learning environment and makes the end users comfortable in creating and implementing the e-learning system. 

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