Introduction To Distributed Communications Networks

Distributed networks are widely used across the networking world these days and the main popularity of these networks mainly is due to their wide range of support to the distributed applications and nodes across the networks. Parallel computing and distributed computing are the previous modes of the distributed networks and where the distributed networks can handle multiple servers and clients.

A single server can handle multiple clients and each and every client can process the data requests from any of the server. The load on the master server is reduced a lot with the help of distributed networks and there are few limitations with the distributed networks as well and the key among them are the faults occurred across the network.

In general there are different faults that may occur across the distributed networks and the important among them are link failures and the distributed mode of the network is down for some time. At these scenarios the communication among the nodes of the distributed networks are on halt and even the adding the clients and servers to the distributed networks are also stopped and thus the overall performance of the distributed network is affected a lot.

There are many fault tolerant techniques available across the literature and most of them are static in nature and can’t gather the required information with respect to the link failures.

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