Introduction to Computer Chess Game Algorithm

There are so many types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques such as (Marsland) (Bernstein)

  • Minimax Search Algorithm
  • Alpha-Beta Algorithm
  • Minimal Game Tree
  • Aspiration Search
  • Minimal window Search

So in this development the MiniMax approach is suitable for the development, so a small description about Min-Max approach

MiniMax: From a lot of AI techniques minimax approach is one of the best approaches for gaming, as chess in a two player node game there are two nodes for a move and the best move that is the most successful one has to be selected for the sides, so for a perfect minimax search the every node of the sides has to be searched and the search will start from the length and the depth of the nodes, because the result of the game can’t be known until and unless there is an end or checkmate of the search so that the depth of the game can be known, so search involves the best move for the each side.

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