Introduction to Bluetooth Technology Seminar Topic

The paper is about the Bluetooth. In this project we have described about the Bluetooth, its goal, also includes the brief history of it. This paper also includes various modules and also the real time applications of Bluetooth. 

In this paper, we use Bluetooth for the sensor network regime. We will discuss a multihop network procedure that leverages Bluetooth’s device protocol, and also discuss the way the Bluetooth plays a vital role in-network query processing.

The results show that despite of limitations the Bluetooth sensor nodes exhibits properties such as energy per bit sent ratio. 

There are two types of radio components for sensor nodes: those based on fixed frequency carriers and those based on spread-spectrum transmissions such as Bluetooth, the sensor nodes within a certain range make use of the separate channels so that the data is transmitted. 

Our results says that Bluetooth based sensor networks are well suited for applications such as mounted operations which exchanges data heavily during a period of time.

Our experiments with the BTnodes suggest that Bluetooth based sensor nodes could be appropriate for applications exchanging huge amount of data during a limited time period. 

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Bluetooth Technology Seminar Report

Bluetooth is considered as the best device for communications because of the following features i.e. interoperability can either exhibit between the devices or can be between the manufacturers. The implementation of the Bluetooth is easy i.e. it is self operatable without a need of the user’s guide.

It is comparatively less or similar to that of cost of the cable it is getting replaced. It is capable of performing its task at lower power consumption.

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