Intrinsic Mail Service Java based project

Project Title:

  • Project Title                        :         Intrinsic Mail Service
  • Environment                       :    Java, J2EE, Java Script, JDK1.5, HTML, Mail Server (POP3 and SMTP) Server

Project Description:

                Intrinsic Mail Service Java based project is a fully MIME (Multi Purpose Mail Extension) -compatible pure Java implementation of a Web based Massaging Applications. This final year project enables the user to access, manage and compose email using a standard web browser. It is POP3 (Post Office Protocol) & SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) compatible. It is a multi-protocol full featured web mail which contains multi features.

 The developed web application system is a highly efficient system and offers complete set of features required in a typical mailing system. The system can be easily adapted to any environment. The system provides well defined interfaces which are easy to use and which provide many services. This project was developed with J2EE using JDK 1.5 and SMTP mail server.

Developer Responsibilities:

1      Involved in designing user friendly web forms to support the graphical user interface.

2      Creating Java Server Pages (JSP) for server side validation.

3      User can easily search according his needs with different keywords.

4      Coding, Development and Testing (Unit Testing).

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