Internet Usage And Security CSE Seminar Topic

Introduction to Internet Usage And Security CSE Seminar Topic:

Internet is a network of interlinked computers spread over the whole world used to transmit data from one place to another and is accessible to general public.

Internet Usage

The application of internet is:-

  1. Gopher: – The Gopher protocol is a TCP/IP application layer protocol basically used for distributing, searching and retrieving documents over the internet. Its main feature is step by step navigation through menus. Its application areas are college campus and nonprofit organization for publication and fun.
  2. FTP: – File transfer protocol is a network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another host. Connection to FTP server can be made using IP address through convention or protocol dialup. FTP users mainly use username and password for authentication.
  3. Usenet: – It is a worldwide used internet discussion system where users read and post messages to one or more categories known as newsgroup. It is distributed in large constantly changing servers that store and forward messages to one another in news feed. The main categories of news group are: – computer, internet news, recreational topic, science related topic, social issues and debates, miscellaneous.
  4. E-mail:- Electronic mail is the widely and commonly used application of internet. E-mail is sending message from one place to another electronically in less than a minute. It is also called store and forward service. Each user is provided with unique e-mail address for their unique identification. One email can be sent to multiple users at a time.
  5. Telnet:- It is a network application which is used to login to computer residing at some other place from another computer over the internet. It requires valid user ID on remote computer to exchange data between two computers over the internet, as it is much faster way of exchanging information. Telnet on Internet access provider is used through conventional dialup and on home computer through protocol dialup. Firstly IP address identify the computer to which you want to connect and ask for valid username and password on computer you reached.

Internet security

When it comes to using internet, security is the main issue. Security on internet is mainly needed to make transaction safer and keep e-mails private. The main risks on internet are

  1. Unauthorized access to the information system  from the outside
  2. Viruses entering into system through exchange of data and information.
  3. Using false identities.
  4. Hacking: – Entering into someone’s computer illegally intended to steal information or for their own benefit. Various methods of hacking are:- Sniffer attack, IP spoofing, send mail attacks, attacks via NIS and NFS. 

Internet security can be maintained from following methods:

  1. Authentication: – Providing username and password to users is the authentication. It saves computer from being attacked up to an extent. The reasons for failure of this method are sharing of username and password with the intruder in exchange of money, positions or revenge, password monitoring, fishing password with Trojan horses, analyzing protocol and finding passwords.
  2. Encryption: – It means changing meaningful data into coded format called cipher text so the no one else can understand the data except the sending and receiving party. Two ways of encoding are substituting (changing value with some other value) and transposition (changing position of value with its nearby values). Two aspects of encryption are algorithm and keys.
  3. Firewalls: – It is network component connecting an internal, private corporate network to an external, public network. The benefits if using firewall are:-

a.)    It concentrates risk on single area.

b.)    Monitoring and control systems installed in firewall only.

c.)    Connections monitored and controlled as via firewall.

The limitations of firewall are:-

a.)    Can’t keep out data carried inside applications and prevent the network being penetrated by viruses

b.)    Don’t offer any security against unauthorized physical attacks on an internal computer system 

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