Internet Security Seminar Topic

Introduction to Internet Security Seminar Topic:

Internet security has become the most important issue now-a-days as the security of the data matter a lot. We all use World Wide Web number of times for browsing, communicating through internet. May people use online banking services and all other banking transactions are performed online by many people. If a number of users use a banks website for money transfer, then its bank responsibility to provide the user a secured way for transaction and take care of his data. Internet security is the main objective after providing the services online. This includes planning the security by using various methods. Many factors are to be considered while planning the internet security these factors are as follow.

a.)     Risk Assessment:

An organization must be aware of the all possible risk while using the internet for the transactions and communication. It should have a deep idea of all possible risks and should be able to manage them with the help of various back-up strategies and overcome it. This can be done by conducting the workshop on risk management by experts. Analyze the possible threats to the data of an organization. And also consider the important factors such as the vulnerability, type of attacks, measures to be taken for all possible attacks.

b.)    Securing the server of the LAN:

Most of the organizations today use the distributed data system as the back-up plan for the server. Securing server is the main concern for the organization as there is lot of important data located on server. Today many technologies are available which will help the security planning for the server, which include router, firewalls, authentication and encryption. It may also use the packet inception and proxy. A good server security technology means limiting the user to access services, it checks the data integrity frequently, monitors the activities taking place on server

c.)    Methods of Securing the Data Transmission.

Banks and user performing the financial transaction online need to secure these financial activities. Solution to these transaction securities can be provided by various technologies such as Digital Signatures, Certificate Authorities’ and SET.

d.)    Methods of testing the Security Solution:

Testing your security solution is very important to understand the working and the level of security provided by your solution. Testing on the security solution can be performed with the help of various tools, such as hacker tools. These will tell us how secured the security solution is.

e.)    Monitoring the System/ Preparing For and Responding the Break-Ins:

When a organization decide to use any security solution to protect its data from threats it should consider few factors the type of security solution it needs, privacy factors required, privacy factors concerned with the data. This will probably help them to decide the appropriate security solution and then help them to get an appropriate recovery plan for the respective security solution.


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