Internet Cryptography Seminar Report

Introduction to Internet Cryptography Seminar Topic:

Internet is a group of computers that are connected world widely with addresses that are administrated by IANA. Through this internet anyone can connect to various websites. Internet is mostly used to send and receive data, security is an important that most of the users bother about. The traditional internet lacks security. Data sent by users could be modified, stolen, sometimes it may be stopped from reaching the destination or mislead by a third person who has bad intensions.

One of the efficient ways of providing security to the data that travels from one computer to other computer world widely is by making use of cryptography. Cryptography can reformat and transform the data making it safe based on the safety codes and use of mathematics. The crypto techniques mark, transform and reformat the message to protect from disclosure, change. The person may use secret codes to disguise the message contents which is traditional technique or may use modern crypto mechanism the digital signature to protect from forgery. The digital signature clearly and reliably tells the recipient if contents of message were modified after the author has done it.

A cipher system is a method of disguising messages only to certain people. Cryptography is the art of creating and using crypt systems. Cryptanalysis is the art of breaking cryptosystems, the original message is called plain text the disguised message is called cipher text. Encryption is the process of converting plaintext to cipher text and decryption is the reverse of encryption. Decryption is the process of converting cipher text to plain text.

The encryption can keep message content secret but it doesn’t make it to modify. In low risk environment simple encryption might be enough to deter attacks. Crypto techniques assure the following

  1. They reasonably assure that their messages can’t be read by anyone else as no one else can have the crypto key.
  2. The second be assured that the messages received by him are from the first person
  3. Second person relieve on authenticity of messages and integrity of messages since incoming messages are not modified or written by anyone else except by the first person

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