Internet Based Home Automation System Using Java Project Report

Introduction to Internet Based Home Automation System Using Java Project:

The main purpose of internet based home automation system java project is to control the different types of home appliances by using a device. This device can be operated even though when the user is out of their home through remote access. Most of the users will forget to turn off their home appliances while going out. By using this home based automation system, users can easily switch off and on their home appliances such as Television, Air Conditioner, Microwave, Refrigerator, Fans, Switches, lights and many other home appliances.

Automation is the process of performing and controlling all the activities automatically through remote access. But this does not need more human involvement to perform any task but it needs some support from humans to operate it remotely.  Nowadays, internet based home automation is happened to be important task gained more importance in the recent times. By using the home automation system application, users can access their different types of electronic household items.

Existing System

There are many home based automation existing systems that can be used to access the home appliances remotely. But many systems have failed in presenting the appropriate internet based home automation system because of distance problems as well as device errors. In the existing systems, users cannot access i.e. switch on or off all the devices at a time, they should perform each and every task individually.

 Proposed System

The proposed system will allow the users to access their home appliances by using internet either through PC or mobile phones. In this proposed application, users can use the Bluetooth transmitter through which they can build a communication between all the devices at home and can access all the appliances at a time.

System requirements

  • Micro controller
  • Remote control
  • Radio Frequency communication
  • Bluetooth transceiver with 2.4 GHz ISM
  • Internet Access through PC or Phone

Download Internet Based Home Automation System Using Java Project Report.

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  1. I agree with the advantages of internet based home automation system using java project but a question that is annoying me is that this improvement will increase the costing of smart home. I am an average home owner and is looking forward towards an affordable smart home technology.

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