Internet and System Security Project Report

Internet and system security is required at all the levels across the network these days due to the number of attacks introduced across the network security. Virus and worms can be considered as the main threat to the internet security and system security and there are different kinds of worms and virus that propagate in to the network and affect the overall performance of the system at a huge range.

The basic operation of these virus and worms purely depends on the nature of their execution on the system where they are propagated and identifying these attacks at a single glance is not at all possible irrespective of the number of attempts made towards this process. There are many anti viruses and worm identification software’s introduced to detect these attacks and most of them are proved to be successful in detecting the attacks.

Apart from the pros and corns offered by these worms detection software’s the key limitation among all these software’s is that they are not easy to estimate the operations and thus end users who all are affected can’t understand the level of technical specifications and also most of the software’s cant analyze the detection rates and detection time to detect the C-worms and the corresponding anomaly traffic generated.

The main aim of this project is to create a java based application to detect the C-worms and the corresponding traffic generated on the network. Different levels of virus and worm scan is provided at the application and the users can choose the required type of scan like the complete system scan and the individual drive scan.

Overall system performance and the corresponding detection rate and detection time are provided at the application level and thus the overall C-worm traffic analysis is also provided at this application. From the results achieved it is clear that a simple java based application can be used to detect the virus and worms at the user knowledge levels. 

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