Interfacing GSM Modems Electronics Seminar Topic

Introduction to Interfacing GSM Modems:

Interfacing GSM modems in GSM technology provides low cost and long distance, reliable communication between machines and human. Using this technology formers can switch on their water motors remote with their GSM handset. This kind of communications does not require high data rates. this technology can be used in HVAC, vehicle service, AVM’s, air conditioners

For example in India like countries they will experience sudden power cuts .these power cuts gives adverse effect mainly on formers. To overcome these problems we can use the technology of interfacing GSM modems. They can install a GSM modem in water pumps which inform the former about the electricity supply so that he can remotely switch on the motor.

Hayes AT-Command set is the protocol used in interfacing GSM modems. Since the main objective for this application note is to show how to send and receive text messages, only a subset of the AT-Command set needs to be implemented.
The European Telecommunication Standard Institute (ETSI) GSM 07.05 defines the AT-Command interface for GSM compatible modems.

AT-command interface for GSM based modems is defined in European telecommunication standard institute (ETSI) GSM 07.05. From this selected commands are chosen and implemented in the system. This command subset will enable the modem to send and receive text messages.

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