Introduction to Interactive Voice Response System (Ivrs) For Medicare Using Java and Voice Xml Project:

Health care sector, hospitals, primary health care centers, doctor’s offices and dental care centers is capable of enhancing their efficiency to respond to patients with the help of automated and self replied phone system which can be used to answer the calls from the patients and injured persons that can give information exactly and in time. 

Medical business and organizations can be quick and advantageous by installing this automated telephone answering services. The phone responds to the caller in a very prominent way for 24 hours in a day and all 7 days a week. 

IVR systems and services would be recognized to provide excellent work for Clinical trials. The Clinical IVRS extracted data maintains a perfect, persistent and an error free patient record without any disputes. 


  1. Beneficiary would request for information regarding health care programs and costs.
  2. Customer can be informed about Policy information on phone easily.
  3. IVRS can instantly provide information to existing policy holders and receive the claim number or policy account number which can be processed and revert to customer with billing and claims information.
  4. The customer if not getting the proper solution, it can be transferred to concerned department to answer the customer requirements.

  Download  Interactive Voice Response System (Ivrs) For Medicare Using Java and Voice Xml Project.