Intelligent Web Search Agent PPT

Intelligent Web Search Agent Paper Presentation:

The paper is about web search agent. In general a web search engine is used in order for searching the relevant information. The users will type their query in search engine for extracting the related information. 

For serving the users, web search engine makes use of automated software concept called spider. This spider is responsible for going in to web and trace the contents of the server and indexes all the documents. The storage of the data in different databases is maintained services such as Alta Vista. They are responsible for breaking the huge indexes that are currently available on the web.

There could be lot of issues when we are finding the relevant information according to the users need and also can result in overload of data when a huge data is returned from the results of search. I.e. while searching information on Alta Vista can give a number of hits where the most of the hits may not be related to the user posted query.  The huge size and coverage of the database can be difficult while searching for the relevant information.

In order to provide a solution to the above problem intelligent searching agents were developed. For its implementation uses the spider technology in a number of new ways. Generally the tools are the spiders which are being trained by the user for searching the web for information resources.  The agent can be personalized by its owner in such a way that it is built by considering likes, dislikes. And also the agent can be autonomous such that he is capable of making judgement for search on related information.

As the feature of the agent the users has capability of reviewing the search results and also reject information sources which are not relevant to him. Similarly over a certain period of time an agent is responsible for building a picture of all users information needs.

Download  Intelligent Web Search Agent PPT.

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