Insurance management System Mainframe Project

Project Name           Insurance management System Mainframe Application

  1. Environment &Languages: COBOL, JCL, PL/I
  2. Software Tools:   Databases – IMSDB, DB2 &VSAM
  3. Development Tools:- Easytrieve, File Aid, Endeavour, CA7, Expediter

Project Summary           

           To introduce a project Insurance management System Mainframe Project in the existing system by changing the part of system to accept the new product from the data base and differentiate from the existing products, and making all the modules like billing, reports, accounting and commissions etc changes to make the new product into effective. 


  •  Analyzing the requirements for the project
  • Preparing the HLD(High level design), DTLD(Detail design) & estimates
  • Preparing the UTP’S
  • Developing the code , changes in the jcl’s & proc’s
  • Test run the code by preparing test run jcl’s
  • Preparing the unit test cases

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