Institute Management System Visual Basic Project with Source Code

Institute Management System Final Year Project mainly works with Student Admission details, Admission Registration Number, Attendance Information, Enquiry management system, Examination Schedule, Fee paid Schedule system, Interview Information, Leave management, Placement System, Login details for users and admin, Post enquiry, Telephone enquiry and many more.

Database of this project info stored in MS Access.

Student Admission Database table includes below details:

  • Serial Number,
  • Roll Number,
  • Fee Code,
  • Fee Type,
  • Total Fee,
  • Dp Date,
  • Installment Amount,
  • Installment Number,
  • Installment Date,
  • Library Deposit,
  • Library Date,
  • Scheme,
  • Accepted By,
  • Counselor,
  • Approved By,
  • Center,
  • Enquiry Number.


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