Instant messaging (IM) Java Project Abstract


Instant messaging (IM) like the telephone has become a swift, effortless and well-known mode of communication. It is simple and is not only used by youngsters for chat or gossip but also plays a major role for communication in the corporate world.

 In addition to chatting IM provides many features such as application sharing, voice chat, video chat and for transferring of files etc .This Java Project provides a real time conversation which is time saving and hence is more  effective than email . Unlike the old concept of one to one communication IM also provides the facility of group or team discussions at a place. Hence IM is not only used by common people but is also implemented in most of the MNC’s.

 The numbers of users of IM are increasing from millions to hundreds of millions in a very short time. 

Classification of messengers:

From kids, youngsters to elderly people, everyone is aware of the usage of IM and its features as well. There are many eminent instant messengers like Yahoo messenger, GTalk, MSN, Windows messengers, AOL and many more which are user friendly. These messengers can broadly be classified in to two kinds:

  • Public messengers
  • Enterprise messengers


 The public messenger are the commonly used messengers by general public and is available for free on the internet where as the enterprise messengers are used by companies or corporate and have to be purchased for usage.

The information on the public messengers can be obtained without any effort, hence is not secured, where as the information on enterprise messengers is highly secured and hence cannot be obtained easily. 

The enterprise messenger was cost effective for many small scaled companies and hence a secured public IM was introduced. The security in public IM was obtained by simply adding a java based encryption protocol to the normal public IM.

This Project Paper is written & submitted by Deepak V.

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