Information on Tata Nano Introduction for MBA Students

This article reveals the significant information on introduction and history of Nano car along with the information on unique offerings of Tata Motors. According to this article, at the time when Nano entered Indian roads booking were too high and customer should at least wait for two to three months in order to get Nano car after booking process, but continuously the demand of Nano car increased through which Tata Motors manufactured many Nano cars and are directly selling them to the customers.

In order to promote and improve the sales of Nano car, Tata Motors used one test drive offer by which customer can take Nano for 15days and then if they are satisfied with the services then only they can purchase the car. This aspect shows the efficiency of Tata Motors in understanding and satisfying the wants and needs of the customers. According to this report Tata Motors is taking various steps in satisfying all wants and needs of customers.

The market share of Nano car is even explained clearly in this article and Tata Motors chairperson is considering Maruthi Suzuki as the major competitor for Nano car and revealed that sales of Maruthi Company are down after the entry of Nano car.

Finally this article concludes that Tata Nano is one of the best competitors of many automobile companies in India. Future work should be carried out in order to explain the SWOT of Nano car.

Article is related to Nano car, which is the example company, considered in the research process which initiated the researcher to consider this article information in the research process. 

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