Indian Automotive Industry Analysis

In views of Donald Bradley (2005), Indian automobile industry has big history with many success stories. This article even explains significant information on porter five force analyses of Indian automobile industry such as degree of rivalry, threat of substitutes, barriers of entry, buyer power and supplier powers of Indian automobile companies.

The significant information on different auto companies of India like Ford, General motors, Hyundai, Maruthi, Toyota, Tata motors and Volkswagen are explained clearly. The different attributes of successful car companies in India are illustrated within this article that gives a deep overview on direction and evolution of those companies. Future work should be done to this article in order to specify the detailed overview on these companies and their strategies.

This article includes the significant information on analysis of Indian automobile industry for which this particular article is considered for the research process. 

According to the report of (2008) automobile industries designs, manufactures, sales and offers different two-wheeler and four wheeler vehicles to the customers. In general, automobile industry vehicles are classified into three different categories such as commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and two-four wheeler personal vehicles. The rise of oil prices has shown the major impact on automobile companies and facing many challenges in balancing their operation costs. The huge customer demand towards fuel-efficient vehicles even impacted automobile companies and they faced many problems in fulfilling customer needs. The entire revenue of Indian economy is based on automobile industry and many foreign companies have implemented their plants in India in order to get additional advantages.

 Future work is required in order to understand the actual problems faced by automobile companies in India.

The information related to analysis of automobile industry is included in this article, which allowed considering this article for research process. This particular reason initiated researcher to consider the information to the research process from this article. 

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