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Project Title: Incorporating Energy Maps to Measure and Compare the Coherence Time and Spreading Period across Mobile Wireless Networks 

Aims:  To incorporate the energy maps across the mobile wireless networks for optimal energy consumption and to compare the QoS metrics with the help of coherence time and spreading period. 


Following are the research objectives:- 

  • To understand the concept of energy consumption across the nodes of mobile wireless networks and how to optimize the energy consumption.
  •  To document the critical analysis of the energy optimization techniques and QoS metric across the mobile wireless nodes.
  • To design and propose a path integration algorithm that can integrate the energy maps across the mobile wireless networks.
  • To calculate coherence time and spreading period of the QoS metrics considered and compare them with respective to the energy maps across the nodes.
  • To develop a dot net based code to demonstrate the proposed algorithm practically.
  • To evaluate the system developed and document the observations. 

Project Deliverables: I will make use of both qualitative and quantitative methods of research to proceed with this project. I will study the concepts of energy maps using qualitative methods and develop the proposed algorithm using quantitative methods of research. And Literature review on mobile wireless networks and the importance of coherence time and spreading period across them with the limitations of existing systems. 


  • Energy maps
  • Spreading period
  • Mobile wireless networks
  • Coherence time. 

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