In Flight Wireless Communications Assignment topic

In Flight Wireless Communications Assignment topic

Detailed Requirements

This coursework consists of research work on some specialised topics in Wireless, Mobile and Computer Communications that will not be covered during this module. Main emphasis will be on (but not limited to) topics in mobile communications and computing.

Deliverable:   A report of maximum 2500 words containing

–         Abstract of no more than 100 words summarizing the topic

–         Introduction written in own words on what is this about. Introduce the topic, how relevant is the topic, Where did you find the information?

–         Description of the topic from references (No direct copying! Collect and re-organise information from different sources).

–         List of references (at least two books or articles and four web sites) but the more the better!

Since this is a Master level assignment, the report MUST show professionalism in reporting. Cut and Paste from website will not be accepted. You need to gather information from different sources – categorise and analyse the information reported.

Copying and similarity check will be done on each assignment.

Use MS Word Times New Roman Font size 12.

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