IMS Learning Design interoperability

Project Title: IMS Learning Design interoperability

Category: Computer Science

DESCRIPTION: Learning design is the process of a tutor or teacher designing a set of activities for students to work through.

The IMS Learning Design specification ( was released early in 2004, and is an XML based specification designed to allow the capture and playback of a learning design using software tools. Hence, the potential exists for eLearning to not only provide content but also to guide students through activities, whether these are eLearning activities or traditional “face to face”.

Software in this area is in its infancy and consists of a small number of proof-of-concept tools, in particular a learning design editor (Reload) and a player (SLeD). These tools are becoming more robust, but for institutions to start using the tools they need to be able to fit them within an institutional framework. For example, how will learning designs be stored? How will they be managed? How will students be registered within a learning design system, will this be automatic from the institution’s student record system?

There is a drive to a flexible elearning framework which could form the basis for such a system. The project would recommend a framework for institutional use of IMS LD based on a service oriented architecture.

PRE-REQUISITES: Internet Technology; Learning technologies; excellent programming

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