Improving ATM Security via Facial Recognition

ATM Security via Facial Recognition:

We can use face recognition technology in ATMs (automatic teller machines) centers instead of pin numbers. This technology is already implemented in Pakistani government.

But not only the uses it can have some problems also. It is easy to manipulate the ATM cards due to some problems. With this technology or by using this technology some issues occurred.


Thus, how the Biometrics is a playing a very important role in the today’s daily life. It has become very common in our daily life now. As I mentioned, Biometrics is very important technology especially in the role of Security. It really helps a lot in the issues of Security with is advanced features and applications . Its getting more and more advanced technology day to day. Not only in securing the data, it also helps in various other fields. We will hope that we will have much more advanced features and applications of the Biometrics in the near future.

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