Improved Packet Forwarding Approach In Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using RDGR Abstract:

The main things that play role in IPFA in vehicular ad hoc networks is RDFR is the internet, wireless technology, computing power, communicating devices, network connectivity. In our early college days of computer we have learned about graph. We are well aware of the concept of nodes.

Vehicular AD HOC Network is also known as VANET. 

Thus VANET if a form of technology that uses moving cars as nodes in a network so that it can create a mobile network. VANET can be used by middle organization or large organization. In this time there is huge progress in GPS and navigation system this form of system is useful to traffic report as they can easily be integrated so that you can find the possible short path to reach the destination. There is nothing new in the concept we are learning it is simply the concept of graph applied in real life . GPS are now seen in most of mobile phone that comes in the market.

Also there is another factor taken into consideration is energy efficiency.

Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) plays important role on energy efficiency. 

VANET vehicle itself can provide continuous power to communication devices and computing devices. One of the best known routing protocols is GPS.GPS stands for Global Position System. How this system work may be an interest to us.

As we have voice output for our help for our GPS system. Gps is a special form of navigation, as it is not you who navigates, but it tells our computer software on how to travel to your destination. Thus it makes our job a quite better .This system is so simple that it can be used by anyone .The only requirement to create such a system is a good and strong network.

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