Nowadays we can hardly imaginewhat a world without computers and processors would be, computers most definitely are the best thing by far human race has invented. From your home to railway stations to work place to grocery shops, computers take different forms and shape yet do things that are complex and difficult. In India still the no: of computer illiterates are pretty high. Computer literacy is as important as language literacy nowadays as a computer illiterate would have no scope in this modern tech savvy world. 

It is a matter of major concern that many schools in our country especially in rural areasstill don’t include computers in their school syllabus. Internet has made life easier for many people especially in the educational sector, now we can learn whatever we want from the net on a button click. All modern schools these days have new technologies like e-learning, virtual class rooms etc. through which students can study and learn lot of things, they could also interact with students all over the world through this.A lot of governments in India have tied up with computer giants like Microsoft, Linux etc. to provide computer knowledge to all students across all age groups.

Types of computer education:

  • Computer assisted Learning
  • Computer assisted Management
  • Computer assisted instruction 

The main key here is to educate these students with all latest technologies and information at par with the other parts of the world.  A specific plan must be laid out for educating the students with these technologies. The level should be increased as per the class which means when the students are out of school they will be well equipped with all modern computer techniques.

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