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Implementation of Online Banking

October 7, 2012

The Banking system has now become online means we can perform our transactions, payments, account check on the internet. The Internet Banking now giving services to the people with in their home with the help of the Personal Computer system. We can pay our bills, check our account balance, put request transactions in between the different accounts.

The Internet Banking provides the facility to its customers to perform their financial transactions for the various purposes through a very protected and trusted website of the bank called virtual bank, and credit union, the building community. The Online Banking is now become the add on services of the Banks.  

Now days the limited facility of the old system has changed regarding transactions. The Internet Banking delivers its financial services to their customers that include the transactions, information regarding various plans by the Internet system at home.

The e- banking is still similar to the traditional banking system in payments, inquiry, information processing but the manner of transactions has been advanced and fast and reliable. The e- banking system has successfully achieved its target to go to its customer directly with their financial products and services which is focused on the customer.

The customer has become very much relied on the e- banking system as it gives flexibility for its customers in many ways. The success of the Internet banking can be defined on the basis of transaction security, accurate transaction, quick response, and high network speed. The research is based on the District Sivasagar banks branches. We have been interacted with the Branch Head, Chief Manager and Staff to collect information regarding the e- banking system.

Download  Implementation of Online Banking .

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  1. Online Banking wrote:

    Online banking is the most big revolution is banking sector.Today almost all banks provide the facility of online banking.This is the mosr easiest way to do banking transctions from anywhere.

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