Implementation of Network security using digital signatures

Title: Implementation of Network security using digital signatures

• Network security
• Digital signatures
• Checksums
• Public key
• Message integrity

Problem definition:

A Digital Signature is an electronic documents such as spread sheet, e-mail and text file. It is a genuine phenomenon said to be authentic. Authentic is mentioned that anybody created the document that must not be changed by another person unless the created one can ensure it. This is nothing but the encryption, where the process of collecting all the data stored in one computer is transferred to another computer to decode the data through encoding. It is a method of checking the information from an expectation source.

Many steps are there to authenticate a person such as getting information through computer. Mainly password -the user enter the name and password to confirm ,if it is not valid computer does not allow further access, because it first checks the pair to secure file. Secondly checksum- it is a previous method which ensure that whether the data is correct it also involves in a form of authentications. It can be said in two ways. If a checksum of a packet is 1byte long having a high value of 255. If another bytes possess 255 or less then 255 checksum shows the accurate value.

Digital signature consists of two ways one executes as signer and the other is by receiver. Digital signature creation is a result given by the signed message and a private key. For the confusion you may create an unwanted message or a private key for the same digital signature and another one is Digital signature verification- it is a reference for the set public key or message to check whether applying the private key matches the referred public key or not.

Digital signatures are implemented and maintain properly for the solutions like imposters- it minimizes the risk of handling the person who may claim and can flee. Message integrity is to less the risk of the message which is undetected and it claims to alter the message showing the false view. Formal legal requirements- it is a legal form like signature, writing and keeping an original document with satisfaction while the functions are placed in paper form. Channels are used widely for the information security to be open and insecure.

Digital Signature contains 3 types they are class-1, class-2, and class-3. They have their security level for specific sector of industry and professional categories. There are some components enhancing with name and e-mail to contact the details for identidity. The signature is rearranged because of abuse as a public key. Naming the company to identify the section which they belong and place serial number of the digital ID for the unique signature and tracking for the extra reasons. It is also useful for CA to issue the signature with authority and producing certificates and the use of digital signature certificate is to access the websites where the persons login and require to enter the password and username for validation and verification this point is called authentication which enhance the messages to be authorized within the recipients, these certificates will check the date and time those who sends and uses appropriately without any disputes.

Aims: The main intention of the project is to evaluate and impose the research methodologies on Digital signatures and its affect on the network security

Objectives: This application has the following objectives

• To develop a java application with all the networking packages and API available, that can implement the digital signature concept
• To deliver the message across the different systems in a typical network configuration with the applied digital signatures
• To perform a detailed research on Digital signatures and its methodologies

Evidence of Requirements:

Implem Implementation of this project requires thorough understanding of Network security issues and the various mechanisms involved in Digital Signatures. This particular application provides high data transfer with less error rate and low traffic security with good quality of data transfer across a typical network configuration and all this can be implemented by using technologies like java and its related API and I believe that I can make this project success by following proper project plan from the initial stages itself.

Context description:

• This is a one of the regular applications across the network security area
• I can apply all my basic skills in programming languages and network security principles to implement this project.

Research Method:

Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are followed as a part of research methodology. Behavioural aspects of the application like secure data transfer and the influence of digital signatures are studied with the qualitative aspects. Application designing and the performance evaluation is done with the help of quantitative approach.

Brief Production Description:

Scope of the project is

  • Make if available across other platform, without inflicting changes in the code.
  • It can be GUI presented, and allow handling of events through mouse.
  • New modules can be designed, without effecting existing modules.

Deliverables: Following are few deliverables

• Working model of data transfer with proper implementation of Digital signature
• Secured data transfer across the nodes with excellent authentication and security
• Proper documentation with constructive literature review


This project emphasises design and evaluates a web-based system using appropriate processes and tools, as follows

Software Requirements
Operating System : Windows XP
Data base sertver : Oracle 9i
Programming Language : Java
Frame work : Swing
Front-end : J2SDK 1.5
Documentation Tool : M.S. Word
Hardware Requirements
Computer : Assembled
Processor : Pentium 80386 microprocessor or higher
Main Memory : 128 MB or higher
Hard Disk : 4.3 GB or higher
Monitor : SVGA colour monitor

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