Implementation of Fuzzy Temperature Control Using Microprocessor

Fuzzy Temperature Control Using Microprocessor project is designed as a system which can control the temperature of the devices using the basic fuzzy logic, this application checks the current temperature and checks weather it exceeds the desired limit, if then the application informs the user about the limit has been exceeded using an message send via SMS. This report discusses about the various components used and how they are been designed in a PCB.

Fuzzy logic controls are based on the theory of fuzzy set. Since the increased use of embedded system and microcontroller fuzzy logic has become more popular. Fuzzy logic is classified as a high level programming paradigm. Which is more appropriate for the embedded system when digital information processing is been used in case of microcontrollers. The main characteristic of fuzzy logic is that it transforms the binary world of computing into a computation basedon continues intervals of time. These property is been used by the embedded system.

The coprocessor design can be more costly than a software solution on a standard microcontroller. Another technique implemented in fuzzy logic is resolution analysis. The major reason for the fast execution of fuzzy logic in microcontroller is that it lies in identification of intelligent shortcuts during the compilation time itself in the PC. Some of the main advantages of fuzzy logic control are: High level linguistic variablebased control task description; it can beused for linear and nonlinear control, suitable for microcontrollerbased systems, Easy to implement multiinputmultioutput control system. Some of the main devices used in this project are LCD, program counters, Memory control unit, keypad, isolation circuits, power amplifier, ADC (analog to digital converter), buzzer, and LM35 microcontroller.

This paper also discuss about the whole device  with their pin diagram such as ADC 0809 controller IC and their working related to the project. Global system for mobile communication (GSM) are also been related to this project since the report are to be send to the user through the SMS service provided by the GSM architecture. 

Download Implementation of Fuzzy Temperature Control Using Microprocessor.

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