Implement Moodle Learning System For Supplementary School MS Project

E-learning is the most commonly used term and technology across the global learning process and there are different technologies in place to create and customize the e-learning process. Moodle (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is the famous online learning software and it is a open source software that can be used across the learning world.

It is a course management system or virtual learning environment, where the users can simply use the features provided by the Moodle software by just installing it. Moodle runs on the PHP and My SQL environment and even the users with no knowledge on these technologies can simply use and create the required websites with the ample number of themes and templates available with Moodle database.

In Implement Moodle Learning System For Supplementary School MS Project a standard Moodle theme is used to create the required website and also all the possible customizations are made to make the website rich in user interface. Typical features like adding the users, user login, calendar, online chat, courses and their details, RSS feeds and quiz options are made available to the users who can use this website.

A localhost server is used to simplify the development process and the corresponding website is tested against the expected behavior and the results are also evaluated with reference to the conclusion of the work done and the possible future work. 

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