Impact of Consumer Behaviour on Tourism Destination Choice Process


The conceptualization of the impact of consumer behaviour on tourism destination choice process, via a review of the literature and theoretical background, can be concluded as follows:

Many authors have taken the concept of tourist decision-making and integrated the issue of consumer behaviour on tourism

The decision making process consists of a sequence of five steps as illustrated below. It should be noted that each stage in the decision making process is not isolated but rather blends backwards into the preceding step and forwards into the subsequent step. Thus, the act of making a purchase is only a step within a process which actually began several processes before the final purchase is made.

Although consumers follow the decision-making steps when making some purchases, it must be noted however that this rational process does not accurately portray many purchase decisions, as consumers do not undertake this elaborate sequence every time they make a purchase. There are times when purchase decisions are made without prior planning, such as the impulsive purchase of chocolates at checkout whilst waiting to pay for groceries. 

Consumers do not necessarily follow the standard sequence of events and they could revert to any of the steps before making a final decision.

A tourist’s decision-making process is influenced by the individual’s external and internal factors. Several internal factors related to consumer behaviour may influence every key stage of the decision-making process. Previous travel experience may affect the potential tourist’s confidence regarding future travel.


                                    This chapter gives clarification on consumer behaviour in tourism. In this chapter researcher discussed about many theories that are related to the consumer behaviour and discussed what exactly this explains related to tourism. This chapter also explains us the role that researcher worked. In this chapter researcher highlighted very useful definitions that are necessary for the understanding of the concept. He also discussed about several arguments done by authors on consumer behaviour in tourism. 

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