Image Steganography Project Source Code and Documentation

The fact that communication is occurring and it can be hidden is possible only with technique of steganography which is the art of hiding facts. This can be be made possible by hiding one information in another. Various kinds of file formats can be used for this but the technique of using digital images is quite well known especially because of the high frequency on the internet.

There are a wide assortment of steganography methods that can help to hide informations that are secreted in images. some of these techniques are more complex than the others. Each of these has its own weal and strong points. Absolute visibility is required by some of the applications for hiding the secret information while another requires huge secret informations.

This project gives an overview of steganographic image as well as about its techniques and uses. This document further attempts to discover the requirements of the best steganographic algorithms and also reflects on the techniques used that are more perfectly suitable for applications.

The communication system is growing in the modern world and it also requires a special security system on the network of the computer. The security of the network is therefore becoming more and more important as per the data members that are being exchanged on the internet also increased. The data integrity and the confidentiality also need to be protected against unsruptulous uses and accessing. This further results in the growth of hiding information.

Searching the hidden information is one of the basic research area that is emerging nowadays and it also encompasses various applications like protection of copyright for the media, fingerprinting, watermarking and steganography. The information that makes up the applications differ in various cases. It includes usually the name of the owner, his identification, digital time stamp etc.

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  1. will you please send to me the source code of this project. it will help me a lot in my research. thank you very much! 🙂

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