Identify the Features of Data and Information

Data: It is unprocessed as well as unorganized facts and static. It is collection of facts. These facts are about events.

Information: It is aggregation of data this makes the decision easier.

Knowledge: This is extracted from the information in the way where information is derived for data .This is about the person range of information

Recognizing Information Systems

Business professionals is able to explain about system of information and recognize

The people, software, network and hardware resources they use.

They generate the type of information products.

The way they present processing, storage, output, input as well as control actions.

Data are raw fact; this is about the physical mechanism or transactions of business

Information: It is a data; this is converted in to useful or meaningful context for the clients.


Sales information is about the amount of sales by product type, sales person or sales territory.

  •  Determine the criteria to be applied when selecting data and information to support decision-making

Asset management is the procedure of recognition, construction, maintenance, operation, of physical assets. A asset main approach is that it is so important for the intensive organization‘s success. It is asset management’s is that the availability of information a t the right pattern, right time before the right person, against the right query and at the right level. This provides a critical examinations as well as comprehensive analysis, this fulfils the recognized needs of fusing information of asset for estimated maintenance .So making of decision is enhanced.

Management processes

The process mainly focuses on the system operation. Typical tangent process involves s strategic management as well as corporate governance.

Operational processes:

This process formulates the basic value stream; they are part of base business. Typical operation processes are manufacturing, purchasing, Sales and Marketing.

Supporting Process:

This support the base processes .Examples includes IT-support, Accounting,   and Recruitment.

  • Evaluate the impact of a management information system to an organisation

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