ICICI Banking IBM Mainframe Project for Fresher’s

Software Environment: IBM mainframe , Z/OS. TSO/ISPF, PANVALET, COBOL , VSAM, CICS, JCL, FTP, SORT , IDMS, IBM Utilise, File Aid, UCC7, CA7, Infopac, PROSE, Unicenter, TOAD, SQL Server 2008, SAS, etc., 

Project Abstract & Scope:  ICICI system, ICICI Customer, Bank, T-Recs together forms a System. 

ICICI Customer claims on ICICI for a particular insurance policy that he has taken. After checking the claim, ICICI issues a check in the favour of the customer. Now, that customer deposits the check into his bank account for clearance. The Bank validates the check and the customer information with the ICICI system. As soon a ICICI System confirms the authenticity of the check and the customer details, the Bank transfers the money from ICICI account to the customer account. If the customers do not claim the check within the valid period, then ICICI issues a new check and the previous check is entered into VOID checks. UPCS (Unclaimed Property Control System) maintains a record of all the Escheat data. 

The ICICI System is broadly classified into three main processes:- 

  1. Bank Reconciliation Process
  2. Timing Reconciliation Process
  3. System to System Reconciliation Process

Bank Reconciliation: –

The Bank feeds the data to T-Recs System (Total Reconciliation Solution) in the form of RPP and BAI files. T-Recs compare the check related details with the details send by ICICI System and Bank. It sends back check related issues of a particular account to the bank. 

Timing Reconciliation: – 

T-Recs and ICICI System Together forms a Timing Reconciliation system. When ICICI System sends an EFT checks, Money collections and the other details in the file to T-Recs, T-Recs compares the data of ICICI system and Bank. It sends back an Acknowledgement and other issues related to particular account to ICICI System.

                     In this process Finance Recovery and Sub-ledger work as an interface T-Recs and banking system.

                     System to System Reconciliation:-

                    Receives the feed from Oracle GL to T-Recs. (Bank Book extract file) 

  • Analyzing the Business Requirements and System specifications to understand the application.
  • Communicating with Business users.
  • Provide 24 x 7 on call support and Technical support on Mainframe   Applications as well as third party applications.
    • Provide the RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and for the Abends and provide permanent solutions.
    • Support delivery of batch and online programs, customized reports, application/ date conversion and process improvements.
    • Designing FTP feeds using Batch JCL.
    • Modified and run the BATCH jobs for generating user specific reports.
    • Involving in fixing up production issues.
    • Creating and Executing JOBS, PROCS and Control Cards in Test environment.
    • Update the PROSE members.
    • Delete, Define and Restore the VSAM files.
    • Co-ordinate and communicate with Offshore.
    • Attend the weekly sprint planning session and daily sprint tracking session. 

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