Hyper Text Markup Language Notes

The web site is a link, it is a collection of pages and takes for the WWW (WORLD WIDE WEB).The site contains one or several pages to related to that pages

A web page is developed in HTML that is Hypertext mark-up language .Using this web page we can publisher and displayed in WWW. Using the web pages to get the information, to do the transaction, to fill the forms, to download the files, getting on-line information, Tracking the application and media, gain knowledge using the pages, creating now life’s for humans and more

Lot of web page are developed using the HTML language. This language is a case sensitive language. Web pages transfers using the http. To developed the html pages using the HTML elements.HTML is encoding the tags enclosed between the angle brackets .Putting heading, to load images, to take the colours, giving the big letters to such kind of operation is possible to using the HTML.

HTML also developed style sheets using the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).using this different kind of fonts and colour should be involved in webpages. HTML is invented in internet by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. According his knowledge HTML is based on the application of SGML. When using the browser the tags are doing displayed. The Hypertext contains the media documents like multimedia, flash players and also plug-ins which is link up to other doucemnts.HTML is information to pass this into throw out world wise where the internet is available. The page can store withe extension of .html or html. HTML code collection called elements. It is a free source Programming and anywhere should be executed the programs.

This language is case sensitive and it not valid for single form it need more valuation and like scripting language those are Perl, JSP and JAVA.

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