Human Resource Management System software acts as a bridge between HR department and Development department in software companies.  HRMS looks after overall technical and non technical work details that are carried out in organizations.

 human resource management system

Project Abstract: 

In HRMS management software project various modules are covered where HR department can update , delete, modify employees details from database and manage  employee payment details, work allocation details, off shore details, recruitment information, short listed candidates, project allocation, experience, education details..etc 

Youtube video link to view dfd, ER diagram

Project Design Requirements: 

Application must be designed in programming language using MS Access database.

Secured login and registration form for members to login.

Forms for adding new employee, deleting employee, modifying existing employee details

Every employee should have employee id through which data of that employee must be linked.

Search feature to find employee based on id.

Payroll management should have report generation module for giving salary slips, experience letters.

List of Forums for every employee

Resume update, experience details, education information, project allotted, skills, location. 

Recruit module must contain test details form, short listed form, resume upload form. 

Detailed explanation of project modules, design details like dfd, context diagram are provided in project documentation. 

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