Human Resource Management HNC/HNDB Assignment

Human Resource Management HNC/HNDB Assignment 

Putting together an event of OLYMPIC proportions London 2012 requires a great deal of scarce of resources such as time, investment money, materials, information etc. all of which are certainly crucial, but one of the most valuable resources for OLYMPIC is HRs. An event such as OLYMPIC are organised or staffed by volunteers.

Assuming you have just been appointed as the Director of HRs of London 2012 Project and you are charged with the responsibility to set up a world class team to deliver a glamorous London Olympic Games. The London 2012 Chief Executive- Paul Deighton has therefore tasked you to get the best hands to deliver the best Games ever. 

Upon your resumption in office as the HR Director, you are to address the current staff and would be volunteers at the Games of the significance tasks ahead and how to collectively tackle the tasks based on your knowledge of HRM module. 

Personnel Management and Human Resource Management 

  1. As the HR Director responsible for meeting the HR needs, you are to explain to all those who are present at the briefing the differences between traditional view of personnel management and contemporary human resource management.
  2. Examine critically the evolution and changing context in which HRM have operated in the past and now. 
  3. As a human resource expert, explain to the current staff and interested volunteers your roles and activities as the HR director. 

    2. Recruitment and selection of suitable employees 

  1. Explain in analytical terms to your audience, human resource planning process for the London 2012 Olympics, the information needed and the various steps involved in the planning process before the Opening Games in 2012. 
  1. Discuss how the HR planning process for the game affects the structured process of the organisation such as IOC, LOCOG and London 2012. 
  1.  Evaluate interview as a technique of selecting HRs for delivering the Games and discuss the other possible alternative selection methods available for the London 2012 Project in doing this. 
  1. Explain in clear terms to your audience of how the selection that has been done so far and those you still intend to do could be considered as practices and procedures in the selection process ‘best practice’. Using your understanding of the legal frameworks guiding recruitment and selection in the United Kingdom. 

3. Principles and procedures for monitoring and rewarding employees

  • Explain the London 2010 Project’s job evaluation process and then, lists and explain factors that determine employees’ pay.
  •  Classify the varieties of reward systems as discussed in class and critically explain their impact on employees’ performance.
  •  With the adoption of relevant motivational theory, explain how the HRs can be affected as a result of linking the theory and reward system in your organisation.

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