HRMS Employee Performance Management Project Abstract

Introduction to HRMS Employee Performance Management Project:

The SAGA INC., a medium scale Pharmaceutical company was started in 1999 and in that time it was the only branch. Now the company has grown upto the strength of 200 employees and has two more branches or units in other states. 

The Current System 

The SAGA Inc. HR department is very efficient in recruiting the people and providing the deserving remuneration for their employees. Now the company strength has more with more that one branches, so the HR department is also maintaining the centralized or common database system to retrieve the information of their employees. The HR Online system is made for both the HR and employees to update and get the information. 

The HR department is still maintaining the employee performance report in the manually documented style. The cumbersome works leads to delay of deserving employees to get reward and appraisal along with the difficulty of identifying the past performance of the staff. 

The appraisal procedure gets more delay when the file of the employee evaluation shifts from one desk of manager to next high official desk. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed system is known as the Employee Performance Management System to maintain the records in an automatic generated form. The system has following features. 

  1. The two kinds of evaluation of an employee can be done by the official.
  • The Annual Performance evaluation which directly related to the recommendations for the wages increment.
  • The evaluation of the allotted project and its status and also the next project. 
  1. The HR, Management, Supervisor, Staff can use the system for accessing the tasks to be done and performance evaluation.
  2. The HR evaluates the employee record as following.
  • HR needs information of the employee and supervisor of the current project and similarly the previous project to evaluate the performance of an employee and authorize the supervisor.
  • HR prepares a evaluation form which has to be responded by an employee about his or her goals achieved.
  • The HR then gives this form to the manager to evaluate and provide the appraisal for promotions.

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