HR Outsourcing Literature Review

The outsourcing is the process in which the work is been completed by the individuals for the different types of companies who are not the full time employees of that particular organization or the company. In the current market the outsourcing is playing the vital role and for this reason most of the organizations are using the outsourcing process for different types of reasons related to the organization. The business analysts proposed that most of the companies and the organizations are specifying that cost reduction process is the major reason for the purpose of HR outsourcing process.

In order to maintain the crisis of the economical standard most of the organizations are showing interest towards HR outsourcing process. But most of the business analysts are arguing that there is a rapid decrease of the HR related jobs because of outsourcing the HR’s. On the other hand some of them say that by carrying the HR outsource process the individuals will be able to manage the entire challenges related to the workforce.

As a result most of the companies are trying to decrease their employee numbers based on their payroll and for this reason the outsourcing of the manpower is happened to be slow down within the marketplace. Now a day’s not only the public and private organization but the government organizations are even planning to use of process of HR process. The different types of the HR services are considered as the key aspects within the development of the outsourcing process. Along with the success factors of the organization such as the strategic planning, the core competitors, the decision making process as well as the customer satisfaction the organization are even considering the HR outsourcing as the important and major aspect to their organization.

The different types of the responsibilities of the outsourced HR is the administration process, the background verification, the recruiting as well as the training process, managing the employees and team members and working with them and making them to work to achieve the common aims and goals of the organization. Most of the companies and the organizations are considering the HR function as the major essential success factor for the business.

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