How to Motivate Employees in Pubs and Restaurants in London


Chapter 1:     Introduction

1.1             Background

Chapter 2:     Literature Review

2.1             Model a framework

Chapter 3:     Methodology

            3.1      Research prerequisites

3.2        Data analysis

3.3        Research findings

Chapter 4: Recommendations

The employee efficiency is placed and evaluated directly which can be related to employees motivation structure. This are can be evaluates and discussed by different theories regarding management. These theories are well defines by the different management departments since the researcher Fredric proposed much information about this employee motivation by the managers. This researcher has proposed about this motivation in 1911 and released his thoughts as “the principle of scientific management”. From that year, several publications were released for this motivation concept. 

Various advanced methods were discuss and explained by many researchers. These all methods focus on the motivation methods to employees by managers in various departments. These methods are very helpful in motivating the employees effectively. In order to get the ultimate result from the employees these adequate methods are proposed. This is only the main intention to work on this motivation. The survey has been done on this concept of motivation. Several employees treated these methods are helpful and some said that these are effective motivation methods. Hence, this research made successful with this survey. 

Motivation is a term that is used in order to make the employees to work without having any pressure on them. It is the only reason so many researchers has completed their researches in order to provide various motivation methods to the employees. A company or an organization will show a special interest in adopting such type of methods. These are the methods that are very much effective and, will give appropriate results from the employees. 

These methods result in employee performance and evaluate the performance as positive or negative. This evaluation could be done various organizations by adopting several methods of motivation. Using these methods the employee efficiency can be measured. So that, a company can knows about the staff performance. The motivation can be explained as the concept that is related to suggest the employees in doing the work properly. This could be achieved properly by saying tem as “there are no influential leaders, no motivation methods”. This way an organization can easily motivate the employees and can achieve success. So these motivation methods are very much helpful in achieving targets of a corresponding organization. 

The managers effectively use these advance methods in order to motivate their subordinates to avoid the pressure on them and to provide good work environment. If the work environment is good, then the employees could not feel pressure, then there is a chance of working well. The methods are well used by managers to get the uncommon outcomes from the organization. A survey has been take place on this concept and also provides the advanced features and methods in order to recognize the employee importance. 

The dictionary called American Heritage language is specifically define the employee as “as a person who works for another in return for financial or other compensation”. The main consideration towards employee is that he should not work only for the wages. An employee is a basic building block of an organization. 

  1. Literature Review

            Some of writers and theorists are concluded that they were depends upon the employees motivation. Moreover, it is not probable to motivate the employees effectively based on the Frederick Herzberg’s “two-factor theory” or “hygiene needs theory” and Maslow’s “Hierarchy Needs” because these above theories are declares that the human needs are greedy.     

            For example, Kramer said that every person in the management distinguishes to employees contains their excellent days and bad days. Moreover, they are do not know the reasons for their winning and losing in those days. Most of the managers are sign and accepts the “work life” fact. Further writers satisfying and motivation human needs consist of several theories are “Ten Managerial Roles” of Henry Mint berg, “Competitive Strategy” of Michael E. Porter. And also consists of “Democratic /Humanistic Value System” and “Pyramidal / Bureaucratic Value System” of Chris Argyris, Douglas McGregor’s “theory X” and “theory Y”, “Management System and Styles” of Rensis Likert, Elton Mayo’s “Hawthorne Experiments”, “Achievement Theory” of David McClelland and “Two Factor Motivation Hygiene Theory” of Fredrick Herzberg.

            In 1943, Abraham Maslow proposes the human native curiosity extension in his paper that is “A theory of Human Motivation”. Human needs are divides into five groups according to Maslow theory. Human being’s first needs are “physiological”, second needs are “safety related”, third needs are “belonging/love to the public”, the fourth one is “esteem needs” and fifth needs are “self-actualization”.       

            The physiological desires are food, breathing, water, sleep, sex, excretion and homeostatic. The safety needs are security of employment, of body, of morality, of resources, of the family, of property and of health. Love/belonging to the society needs is family, friendship, love, and sexual relationship. The esteem needs are confidence, self-esteem, achievements, respect by others and respect for others. The self-actualization needs are creativity, spontaneity, morality, problem solving, acceptance facts and lack of prejudice.

            The social factors and human relationships influence based on the workers motivation is discovers by theHawthornestudies. Management represents Motivation is the secondary link chain according to Porter. The market evolution and motivation are developing in an associated relationship.       

            This type of similar theory defines as “Contingency Theory”. This theory is the behavioral theory, which says that present there is no excellent way to manage the company, to make the decisions, and to guide an organization. Decision-making ways are the analysis of critical path, SMART analysis, programs suggest by the employees, analytic hierarchy process etc, which are contains and proves the better work rather than other categories. Provides the “adequate fund” during downscale or introduce more fund is the only one way to manage the organization.

            Herzberg defines that contains the basic needs, which are not satisfies in after. “Hygiene” is a medical word that is to perform something is essential. These needs are defines as “maintenance needs”. Separate set of needs are determined and satisfied. The manager does not provide the needs of the employee earlier than being a motivator. This need is use to identify the state of mind of employee whereas discussion over the problems of moody employees in office

Mintzberg define that the different factors are motivate the employees and there would be place in the right place. The management is generating the continuing survey on the employee’s opinion and they were capable to encourage the all employees because it will affect the production rate in the organization. Newly in Glasgow, one company starts the survey to motivate the employees in the time of the economic critical situation.         

             Some body asking the questions like should the company increase the retrain workers salaries and fulfill various workers. In addition, another question like that is the company reduces the employees’ salaries across board and goes away from the employee’s population. The employees are designated for the lower salaries and enduring as a family. The employees all are understood the economic conditions like “will change”.  The organization is suppose that the increases the wages and salaries are motivates the “retrained workers” and dismiss the less creative workers when they are behaves wrongly.                    

            Descriptive factors and contextual factors are the motivational factors that are the two main categories identified by Herzberg. The contextual factor contains the working conditions, salaries and organization strategy etc. The descriptive factor contains the opportunities and threats, achievements, competences, sense of belonging etc. the factors are guide to dissatisfaction are very different from that those persons provide satisfaction. Describes the positive factors are like “motivation factors”. These factors are shows the human needs within a unique way and contains the personal development, achievement, and recognition and job satisfaction. The job satisfaction occurs when improve the factors. Herzberg said that the organization must plan to motivate the employees during job satisfaction rather than the pressure or reward. The wages and salaries are not motivating the workers performance. The Herzberg study defines the 200 Accountants and engineers are depends upon the high and middle cadre workers and this cannot present and indiscriminate for the low-cadre employees. The wages and salaries are of the Low-cadre employees motivating the factors than anything.

            Levinson said that every manager should encourage and motivate the employees to reconcile the person needs with the organization goals. All employees in the organization contain the objectives and aspirations to achieve the success. Some of the responsible managers are help to the employees to achieve the success in the organization.Taylorsaid that if the contract of employee is over then acts as a “demotivator” and connected with the intention of employee to quit the organization.

       Some of the setout objectives will be motivates the employees. The owners of small companies are even not informs the objectives of the organization to the employees and not defines the feelings to motivate the company. The Department for “Business Innovation and Skills” (BIS) reports this survey. The BIS report that only 25% of employees in the organization are interact to the staff and knows the objectives of company.  The third of the people are even doing not know about the future business. This BIS report shows the negative effect on the motivation levels of employee. Only 27% of the employees are feeling positively. In addition, even the leaders are not explains the business tools and what are to achieve and how can motivate the people to achieve the success and increase the productivity and performance.

            If the motivation factors are effects and motivate the one employee in the group of organization then all the members in the group are also affects by those factors.  For example, the motivation factor of the employee rejects the employees when they are ‘self-centered’, ‘distrustful’, ‘individualistic’ and ‘selfish’ as the working alternative for the collective success team. The UK Parliament considers the Financial Services Bill that means the banks were collect the bonus from the profit percentage of organization.

            Bonus is initiating the good performance across the years of experience. The bosses of the some banks are produces and covers the customized Annual Report and through the bad days. The liability is inherits by the successors. If the employees gather the bonus for the above expectation then they would fine for the diminishing expectation.       

Model a frame work.     

            Managers are think that the human beings are different to think, feel, see, view, reason and do things when the employers are motivated totally. Myer-Briggs model defines about the human differences. Personality types are regards by using this model. Myer-Briggs recognized the four ways of different people from each other. These are “the way they view”, “the way they think”, “the way they see things” and “the way they feel/perceive”.

            The Psychologist Eduard defines the human beings six values that are theoretical (enthusiasm for knowledge), aesthetic (enthusiasm for harmony, beauty, and balance), utilitarian (enthusiasm for what is useful and money), social (enthusiasm for examination to others), traditional (enthusiasm for ruling the highest importance in life), and individualistic (enthusiasm for control and power). These values are use to fulfill the happiness in life.

            Motivating the employees is with the reorganization of people best work and performance. In addition, employees meet their emotional drives to comprehend, bond and acquire. In today’s economy of knowledge, creativity is the most important to the employee. However, many kinds of companies accidentally kill the managerial practices of the employee. Crushing the employee’s is essential motivation. Managers are doing not kill the creativity on the particular purpose.  Using the words efficiency, productivity and control defines the creativity of the business and without this cannot estimate the success of business.

     “Employees suggestion programs (ESPs)” are suggested by McKendall and Mishra. Those are used to motivate the employees with the decision-making. The resourcefulness and intelligence of the employee and cost saving in the organization is represents by the ESP.

            Those companies’ managers contain the economic advantages of the ESP program when the employees suggest the programs according to mishra.  The employees are change their minds and motives in the production. All the employees in the organization are to prove their worth.

  1. Methodology 

Many researches are done in social sciences. These researches involve employees which uses the both approaches called qualitative and qualitative survey approaches. This kind of triangulation has been greatly expressed by the writers who write much about the motivation methods that are very much related to motivation of employees. These writers will use the method called triangulation method which involves mixed approaches that are very much used in methodology of a particular organization. 

Research prerequisites 

The main advantage of using this triangulation approach in a organization is that the data is so collected from the other methods which are specifically involved in organization development. The survey had done on the concept of motivation is so researched by other researchers in order gather the various advanced methods for the development of organization. In the region ofEast Kilbrideseveral interview are held for getting skilled persons to improve the status and manufacturing efficiency of a company. These are also held in some specific regions such asScotland,United Kingdom. In the concept of structured interview en employee will be asked to give the explanation about 30 questionnaires regarding the concept of motivation. This kind of approach is often known as structure based interview method. If 10 employees are there in a interview then they will be asked to write their views about the concept of motivation in which the organization achieve the success. After the completion of the interview method, the outcomes are once checked by the managers and make a clear view of the motivation methodology. The possible results from the employees are expected and these outcomes form specific employees are very much interesting as they were discussed briefly about the motivation concept. The employee supposes to write their view on applying the motivation methods to get the possible improvement in the company. 

This could be done in the research in order to gather the opinions of employees in a particular company. Here the data would be gathered based on the concepts of theoretical statistics and data analysis. The analysis and research could be done on the concept of methodology by the researcher called Patton in 2002. This is defined as “validity in quantitative research depends on careful instrument construction to ensure that the instrument measures what it is suppose to measures”. This research is successfully achieved in order to ensure the instrumental considerations. These considerations are very much used to measure the employee performance. At this time the questionnaires are shared between the employees and evaluate them. 

Data analysis 

23 responders feel that good working environment will always yields the motivation and this leads to success in the corresponding organization. In any organization a good and clean working environment must be provided. Otherwise the organization may not lead the higher position in success.  73.33% responders say that “managers leading by example” is a factor which indirectly motivates the employees as well as managers. 

20 respondents (66.67%) said that “opportunity to train and develop your potentials” will influence the employees 17 respondents (56.67) said that the reason for their motivation as “regular increment in wages and salaries”. “Sense of belonging in the organization” will always motivate 16 respondents (53.33%), while “effective communication of latest development” is a factor which is hugely supported by 16 responders (53.33%). “The employees that will be motivated by conflict” management system was able to gain 50% (15) responders in order for motivation in a company 43.33% (13). Here 13 represent 13 responders in the company. 

Here 15 responders from overall 20 responders which are in lower and higher positions support “regular increment in salary” as opposite 2 out of 10 respondents in higher management. Here all the employees which are in lower positions and 7 responders from higher positions are chosen “empathy from the manager” as the highest motivating factor. Here 9 responders from lower and poor positions and 8 are taken from higher positions support “welfare packages like accommodation, organization transport system, medical facilities, scholarship for students and pension scheme” will motivate them. 

Research findings 

The managers can easily influence their employees by various factors such as empathy, leaderships with examples. Through these two factors the employees can achieve the main objectives of the organization. There are some other factors such as MBO, fairness, scholarships, education and training which are very helpful for the employees of a specific organization. For the good long work, the organization higher authority must provide the rewards and incentives based on the employee performance levels. There should be several opportunities to the employees to connect to the outside world and for that the company must provide training and development sessions to an employee. The company must offer the periodical promotions to the employee based on their performance. The company should not only provide the work based incentives should also offer several services such as children scholarships and medical services. The company management must have an effective communication with the staff so as t provide the excellent work environment. 

Here the concept of motivation plays a vital role in developing the organization. Motivation will be the key concept to achieve the success. If the employees are depressed and sad, then the entire work will be processed delay. So this will be a specific drawback for a company. So based on the above research the concept of motivation will indirectly help the employees to achieve success. 


A manager can easily motivate their employees adequately. The manager should conduct tests in order to measure the performance of employees. These tests are Psychometric test and physical observation capabilities. Salaries and incentives are not only the motivation factors for the employees. There are other motivational methods which are very much used to influence a specific employee.

Corporate culture must be adopted by the organizations, teams must be developed and the ideas that distinguish individual team members must not be encouraged. Workers should be reviewed before they start the work and the performance of them is written down in document. This is because covering the performance of the workers is not a good idea.

If a worker has done a tough task then they should be paid bonus. Organization must identify several external factors that can affect employee performance.

 The bonuses that are paid to the officers must be motivational but not as a tradition. The workers must not be miserable for the organization; they should not work only for money. Hey, have to make organization feel great about the workers.

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