How to Launching Microsoft SQL Server

Although visually many of the database operations can be accessed but other data require some kind of written code. To assist this the server of Microsoft SQL will provide a code template as well as a code editor. In order to open the editor you will have to click on the file option on the main menu followed by new and query options.

Again on the toolbar you will have to click the button New Query and then on the object explorer you will have to make a right click on the server name and click the New Query option. All this will generate a new window and place it on the interface (right side). In the following lessons we will get to learn several new techniques of developing statements of SQL along with the code. When a new window for query opened by default it includes a white space where you can put up your statements.

You can execute a statement after writing it to test it or make it active. For executing a particular statement you need to press F5 and on the main menu you will have to click on Query followed by Execute. On the toolbar of the SQL Editor you will get to see the button Execute  and you need to click on it. In the code editor you can make a right click followed by another click on the Execute option.

Now when you will execute the code it will divide into two sections of horizontal pattern.

Whether you have finished writing the code or not you will able to save the code document at any time. In order to save it you need to press Ctrl + S. Again on the main menu you can click on the File option ans save the SQLQueryX{dot}sql followed by clicking the button of saving on the toolbar.

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