How Mobile Marketing Does Affects the Business Value of the Small Organizations in the Opinion of Marketing Agencies

How mobile marketing does affects the business value of the small organizations in the opinion of marketing agencies: A case with Fetch media

Mobile marketing is the recent trend in the marketing and there are different types of mobile marketing and these include mobile advertisements, bulk SMS, premium rate SMS, mobile appointments and mobile voucher codes. There are many benefits with the mobile marketing and the core business value of the organizations can be enhanced with implementing the perfect mobile marketing strategies.

The main aim of this research is to evaluate the role of mobile marketing in enhancing the business value of the small organizations. There are different marketing agencies that offer wide range of mobile marketing services to their clients and in this research the opinion Fetch media is gathered to evaluate the role of their services in enhancing the business value of their clients.

A qualitative research is done to gather the required source of information and interviews will be conducted with the business development manager, marketing managers and technical leaders to evaluate the role of mobile marketing strategies against the business value of small organizations.

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