Hotel Nextgen Java Project Abstract

Introduction to Hotel Nextgen Java Project:

The Hotel Nextgen is the software application solution for the Hotel and their associates to perform their work in an easier manner as following:

  1. To maintain Master Data of the Hotel and its Places.
  2. To maintain Master Data of the particular Hotel room or suite Inventory and accounts.
  3. To maintain the Master Data every room needs.
  4. To maintain the seasonal/festival/yearly Tariffs.

The Existing System

  1. The existing system does not able to secure the data as required and the data may be lost due to mishandling.
  2. The existing system doesn’t have the provision to book or reserve the room or suite online for the customers.
  3. Similarly the existing system don’t provide the online status of the Hotel.
  4. The existing system is not able to give the vacant room details immediately.

The Proposed System

The new system gives the opportunity to the Hotel clients to maintain their regular actions in an automatic manner by using data integrating approach. The following functions are there for the users.

  1. To organize the hierarchy or systematic approach for the Hotel group and its associates Locations.
  2. To organize the inventory and account details of the facility of every room and suite.
  3. To organize the details and management of the facility such as Banquet Halls, the Brand stores, about Restaurants, the Coffee Shops, Wallet parking and many more functions.
  4. To organize the Associate Hotel locations and places along with every room facility and Hotel facility.
  5. To organize the Tariff plans for each Hotel.
  6. To create the important reports in Excel sheets.

Software Requirements for the Hotel Management System

Windows XP/2000 or Linux operating system.

HTML, CSS user interface.

JavaScript, JAVA Programming language.

JDBC, Servlets, JSP web applications, My Eclipse 6.0 IDE or Workbench.

Oracle 10g Database, Tomcat 5.x Server, Struts 1.x Framework.

Hardware Requirements for the Hotel Management system

Pentium IV processor, 40 GB hard disk, 512 MB RAM.

Download  Hotel Nextgen Java Project Abstract .

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