Hot Technologies Trend for Fresher’s and what’s up Now?

Hot technologies trend for freshers and what’s up now?

Just after finishing my enginerring graduation in 2006, I was researching around to see what technologies that I should learn to get a job. As any other fresher I’ve enquired at the software projects, institutes street in my city. .Net was hot in the market, I learned it and thank fully there was a job fair in the city where a set of companies trying to fill their open positions happened that was organized by times news paper. I found an employer at the end of the fair.

The point that I’m trying to make here is, it is importrant is understand the market nod and spend your time in the coaching institues on the HOT technology.   Prerequisites like good communication skills, good analytical skills and enough practice on aptitude, and computer sicence subjects like C & Data structures, Operating systems and Database management systems are important to have in the pocket already, but its equally important to move in a right direction also just after finishing your graduation is equally important.

These are the technologies that were leading in the order of time and whats hot now:

.Net, testing(QTP, load runner etc) in the 2005 – 2007 period
Dataware housing and SAPin  2008 – 2011 period
Cloud computing – 2012 and it will lead for few years from here

So whats hot now? Needless to say its cloud computing.

Whats cloud computing? When I first heard cloud computing and it will replace data center(data storage plus server infrastructure for a company) I thought instead of storing data in storage devices, its time we store data in clouds, that’s amazing how would they do that J ? As a Database Administrator I deal with data everyday, data is the driving force for development for any company these data, I can’t explain why do I think like that since it is not the agenda of the current topic, but just trust me, in the current market and MNC companies, the more and better you organize your data and do analasys on it, the better your growth prospects will be. So not every company can have their own data center that costs lacs of money and can have their own software engineers and Database administrators to look after the maintenance of the systems. A shop of small business can’t to store their sales data with such huge costs. They can not store their data in local computer because that can crash.Cloud computing will help them store their data in an environment where there are virtually DBAs taking care of data backups, resolving any slowness issues, to run the business and operations.

Its not just small and mid size businesses that needs to use cloud computing, I work for an MNC where maintaining their own infrastructure is not a problem costwise, but still we take advantage of huge benefits that cloud computing offers. We’ve a task that runs on the server that takes an year for a latest server available in the market to compete the task. We need that task’s run to complete in a week, can’t afford to wait for an year or can’t afford 365 servers that costs 25 lacs each and use distributed code to complete it. The solution was CLOUD computing. We rented 365 servers for one day and finished the processing in one day. Cost effective and purpose achieved. 

I explained just two cases where cloud computing can be used, but its more powerful than that and will lead the software industry in the years to come. If you’re a fresher reading this article, I would recommend you to lean cloud computing technologies. If you start your career with cloud, I’m sure when you look back after five years as a Manager or Team leader, you know you took the right decision.

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