Hostel Management System Project in Vb.Net

Hostel management system project software application is useful for computerizing different types of works included in managing students details, payment details, department details..etc.

Hostel Management System
Hostel Management System Project

Project Introduction:

In present software trend most of the work is done by software . From past few years every shop, showroom, hotels, organizations, management departments are using software applications for reducing manual work and improving data security and providing customer service in short time.

This application comes under management software and stand alone application category. List of operations hostel management software can perform

Managing student’s Personal information

Updating vacant rooms and filled rooms

Monthly payment details

Hostel Names

Room Allocation Details

Database Design:

Management software applications store data in database and retrieve when user requests from front end. In this project we used MS Access database.

Youtube video link to view Presentation , DFD, Context Diagram, Sequence Diagram

Tables Over view:

Departments:    This table consists of school and department names. When hostel admissions are taken details of student department are entered in to database

Hostel Name: This table consist of name of hotel, hostel nick name, sex, prefix, capacity , capacity use.

Hostels: List of hotels names are updated to this  table.

Room Allocation: This table consists of room id, number, hostel name. When new room is allotted for students these details are updated.

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Project Advantages:

Easy to analyze stats about payment, free rooms for different departments

Data is secured and stored in database. Searching records of students will be easy.

Student’s personal details management will improve security for hostels. 

Project Requirements:

Front End Design: Visual Basic

Back End Database: MS Access