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Hospital Management System .Net Project with Source Code

April 5, 2012

  • Name of the Project: Hospital Management System .Net Project with Source Code

  • Software Requirements:  ASP.Net 2.0, C#.Net, SQL Server.

Project Description:  The main objective of developing this Hospital Management System final year .Net based web application is to provide efficient management services in hospital. The previous hospital system was full of draw backs like writing patients information on books so sometimes they can loss the important information. This developed project is fully automated and any user who doesn’t know about computer can operate it easily. This hospital management system consists of patient’s personal information, patient disease information, and type of ration card they submitting for free hospital service like white card or pink card under various government schemes, Hospital staff information, doctor information, total number of rooms information and available room information, emergency ward information, ambulance information. Pharmacy information, laboratory information.

Download Hospital Management System ASP.Net & C#.Net project abstract, Project Report, project documentation, project source code, database File, project ppt.

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35 Comments to "Hospital Management System .Net Project with Source Code"

  1. dheerendra kumar wrote:

    sir, plz send me the coding of asp .net of hospital management.

  2. bharat wrote:

    please sir send this project because of i have need it

  3. sanchita wrote:

    please send me asp.net code of this project.i need of this.

  4. Siabi paul wrote:

    kindly send me the asp.net code

  5. Bala wrote:

    Please send me this project as soon as possible

  6. sam wrote:

    kindly send me the asp.net code

  7. Alemu wrote:

    Please send me this project as soon as possible

  8. santosh wrote:

    please send good projects titles…………

  9. geeta wrote:

    can you plz send me project on my mail id
    i need it for my final yr

  10. arun wrote:

    Please send me this project as soon as possible

  11. arjun wrote:

    sir can u please mail me the project code, i need that asap

  12. nikita wrote:

    can you pls send this project to me …. i need it

  13. neethu wrote:

    plz send me the asp.netcode of biometric enabled global medi-file…….. plzzzzzzz

  14. sibashis chaudhuri wrote:

    pls send me this project to sibashischaudhuri@yahoo.com … i need it.. its so urgent.. u can send men also only the dtabase coding.. i dont need the full project’s coding.. i m a student.. i need it for my major project..

  15. marry gharu wrote:

    sir please tell me how to buiid a project hospital managment in asp.net.i have no time, please tell me quickly

  16. marry gharu wrote:

    tell me the source code of hospital managment system,plz plz plz plz sir

  17. mounika wrote:

    please send me the asp.net code of the hospital management

  18. mohan wrote:

    Good Day,
    Please send me source code for hospital management system dot net based plz plz plz sir.

  19. mohan wrote:

    sir, plz send me the coding of asp .net of hospital management. mohangovindu24@gmail.com its mail id plz send me sir.

  20. Venkateswararao wrote:

    Please sent total project sir ,because i just now learn total .NET …for practice purpose

  21. suga wrote:

    good day:
    helo sir… pls snd the java coding……

  22. priya wrote:

    it’s useful………. we need more explanation with coding sir

  23. sasi wrote:

    its helpfulll………. snd me core java coding……pls pls pls

  24. PRIYA wrote:

    sir send me ASP.NET coding

  25. JULIET wrote:

    sir pls send me ASP.NET coding and design

  26. sonal wrote:

    plz somebody send me this project(asp.net)
    I need it urgently

  27. RATAN wrote:

    sir plz you send me code and intruction ,how are create a crystal report

  28. suganthi wrote:

    plz send me the full project work on hosipal management system with source code

  29. suganthi wrote:

    plz send hospital management system project with source code

  30. zaac wrote:

    i need documentation plz hms

  31. akshay wrote:

    i have problem in ur project

  32. Rabindra Amatya wrote:

    Dear kasarla shanthan and Ramesh Gavva ,
    please send me source code for this project I want to learn it.
    thank you

  33. Abbas Anwar wrote:

    sir can u sent me full project hospital management system …..plzzzz

  34. Abbas Anwar wrote:

    this is my id saimflicks@yahoo.com

  35. said kawambwa wrote:

    you are so good brothers ,thanks alot and i appreciate your contribution in this world of IT’s

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