HIET Integrated Library Management System

Introduction to HIET Integrated Library Management System:

The main aim of HIET Integrated Library management system is to arrange a platform for the college libraries to change their functioning by adopting a digital medium which means computerizing their functioning. So far in India, the small and medium scale college libraries hold paper records, which require a lot of maintenance and even the search for the important information proves to be a time consuming task. 

HIET Integrated Library not only makes the long process simple but also keeps the proceedings of the library moving fast. It would help in increasing the library’s efficiency from top to bottom, that means from data entry to record maintaining. The chief aim of this integrated library is to facilitate its members and users with searching and reserving the books which are given by other users and requesting new books. 

This library originated in order to fulfill the needs of small and medium scale libraries. All the requirements for the smooth working of a library are met with software which involves making data entry for new books, search and update book records, registering a new user, editing and deleting records etc. The administrator can access the user login and book history when required. The software allows the  librarian to form new user groups and edit their access levels and functions and it also enables the users to keep a track of the books issued and fines due. It also enables them to select the books and magazines of their choice. 

Hardware Requirements:

The Hardware requirements of the system are CPU equivalent or above Intel Celeron 800 MHz, a RAM 256 MB or higher and a Hard Disk of minimum 4 GB. 

Software Requirements:

The Software Requirements are JAVA(jdk 5.0 onwards), any Windows OS(XP or later), Microsoft Access as the data base and Microsoft Word for Documentation.

Download HIET Integrated Library Management System.

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